Mini Truck Tire and Wheel Packages

Want to customize your truck? We at Eaton Mini Trucks provide our customers with a large selection of tires and wheels to choose from. We offer tires that will fit on your factory steel wheels.  Choose from our selection of 12 x 8 steel wheels and 12 x 8 aluminum wheels. We offer a wide range of tires up to 25 inches tall and a variety of tread patterns. All custom tires and wheels will require a lift kit and springs. Custom tire and wheel kits come with center caps and chrome lug nuts. Our custom Black Steel wheels do not have center caps at this time.


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Super digger mini truck tire
         All Terrain Super Digger   

21" x 5 1/4" 4 Ply

Hankook Mini Truck tire

Hankook 155 R 12

21" x 5 1/4" 4 Ply

Sidewinder mudder Mini Truck tire

Sidewinder Mudder

21" x 6" 8 ply

all terrain Mini Truck tire

Carlisle All Trail

23 x 8 x 12 4 Ply

Mini Truck radial mud tire

Radial Mud Tire

25 x 8 x 12 6 Ply

Mud tire for Mini Truck

Maxxis Ceros

23 x 8 x 12 6 Ply

8 ply all terrain Mini Truck tire


23 x 8 x 12 6 P


 Grim reaper Mini Truck tire







            Grim Reaper

23 x 8 x 12 8 Ply

max load 350 lbs @ 7 psi

max load 470 lbs @ 12 psi

4 X 100 Black steel Mini Truck wheel

4 x 100 MM

7 x 12 Black Steel

8 X 12 black and machined Mini Truck wheel

4 x 100 MM

8 x 12 silver

SG 5 star polished Mini Truck wheel

12 x 7 SG

5 Star Polished

SG Five star black machined Mini Truck wheel

 SG5 Star Black Machined

12 x 7

SG 5 star black

SG5 Star Black

12x 7



Vision lock out Mini Truck wheel

Vision Lock Out Black Machined

Vision buckshot Mini Truck wheel

Vision Buckshot