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Eaton Mini Trucks carries a large variety of new and used 4X4 mini trucks and vans manufactured by Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda and Daihatsu. Farmers, ranchers, dairies, golf courses, municipalities and many others need something better than the standard, expensive UTV, ATV, or golf cart. Click and compare the John Deere Gator, Polaris Ranger, Kawasaki Mule and Kubota RTV to our Japanese mini trucks for sale. These UTVs and side-by-sides do not compare, especially when looking at the specifications for power, safety, convenience, payload capacity and price. Unlike utility vehicles and ATVs, our custom mini trucks for sale come standard with enclosed heated cabs, pick up beds with drop down sides and a payload capacity of 900 lbs. Standard equipment includes heat, 4WD, lights, turn signals, seat belts, and equipment similar to any pickup truck. Custom mini truck options such as A/C, power steering, dump beds and personal customizing are available. If we do not have what you are looking for in our current inventory, Contact us and we will find your perfect truck. We can get new mini pickup trucks and vans direct from Japan; just ask us for details. Once you buy a Japanese mini truck or van, we will schedule it to be delivered. We personally deliver mini trucks to Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and Utah. We use insured shipping companies and have shipped mini trucks to Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Wisconsin, Texas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Alabama, California, Nevada, North Carolina and many states in between. Lastly, servicing for these vehicles is inexpensive and easy to perform. Bring it to us for service, or call and we will help you with all your parts and service needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mini pickup truck?
Mini trucks are smaller than pickups or vans, and are imported from Japan as utility vehicles. They are typically used by farmers, ranchers, golf courses, oil fields, municipalities, parks, guest ranches and more.

Are mini pickup trucks 4WD?
Yes, all the trucks we import are 4X4.

What about 4X4 mini truck service and repair?
We service and repair all makes of mini trucks. We are also happy to answer your questions if you or your mechanic want to work on your own mini truck.

Can I get mini truck parts?
Yes, almost all mini truck parts are available here in the United States and can be shipped to you within 3-10 business days. Some parts can be purchased at your local auto parts store.

Can you help me with the shipping of my mini truck?
Yes, we have shipped trucks all over the United States. Our insured shippers will deliver your truck to your front door.

Can I customize my truck?
Yes, you can! We offer lift kits, wheels, tires, camo wraps, bumpers, spray-in bed liners, roll cages, upholstery work, paint and more.

Can I drive my truck on public roads?
Yes, with some restrictions, in 22 states. You’re welcome to contact us in regards to the laws in your state.

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