Mini Truck Benefits

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Mini Trucks are a great alternative to UTVs and work/utility carts. Great for around the farm, golf course, city municipalities, or just an enclosed hunting vehicle. Our Mini Trucks provide a safer, more comfortable, and more efficient way to get the job done.

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Why Buy A Mini Truck?

4x4 Mini Trucks have grown in popularity over the last decade. That’s because their small size makes them very versatile! All of our 4wd Mini Trucks have a heated cab with available options such as air conditioning and power steering, which is making them more sought after than ATVs and UTVs. We can customize your Japanese Mini Truck with camo wraps, lift kits, tires, wheels, snorkels, snow plows, hunting racks, brush guards, and so much more!


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So Many Uses!

4wd Mini Trucks can be used for a variety of purposes: golf courses, parks, campgrounds, resorts, schools, municipalities, apartment complexes, landscapers, and more!

Fuel Efficient!

Mini Trucks with their 660cc engine are very fuel efficient. Our customers have reported fuel economy up to 40 miles per gallon. Mini Truck fuel economy can vary dramatically depending on how you drive your truck.

Easy Care!

Four wheel drive Mini Trucks are easy to maintain. Parts are readily available for any of the trucks we sell. Mini Trucks are easy to repair compared to UTVs and ATVs.

Lost Cost!

Mini Trucks are a better value than utility vehicles and ATVs! Mini Trucks range in price from $5,000-$15,000. When you look at all the extras in a Mini Truck, they are hands down your best choice.

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